Want to play roller derby? Ref? NSO? Let us know... We would love to have you!

Roller Derby life isn't for you?  That's okay... We still want to hear from you! 

We are always looking for new talent for our half time shows. Whether you are a dancer, musician or have some other unique talent, we would love to have you perform at our half time show to add to the entertainment. 

Have questions about roller derby, for the team or for your favorite skater?  Would like for us to be present at an event you are hosting? Ask Away... We love hearing from our fans and would love to support you, as you do for us. ​It is important to us that our fans enjoy coming to support Acadiana Roller Girls so tell us your ideas and comments.  We want to know.  

Contact Us... We WANT to hear from you

​​​Acadiana Roller Girls

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​​​Acadiana Roller Girls

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