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We're baaaaaaaack.... and ready to take the track  for the 2017 Season!

Here is a sneak peak photo of your 2017 Acadiana Roller Girls.  Follow us on Facebook and Google+ to keep up to date with our events and community outreach...

Our 2017 season is right around the corner and we are currently accepting sponsorships and donations.  We are a non-profit (501c3) organization and need your help to make our season happen.  Partnering with a local non-profit is a great way to build your business'  reputation and show support for your community.  Being an ARG sponsor comes with our own twist of perks and so much more!

​Click here for more information on this opportunity or email us at Board@acadianarollergirls.com.   

HOME   MAR 18 APR 8 | MAY 6 JUN 3 | JUL 29 | AUG 19 | SEP 16

                 AWAY     APR 29 | MAY 20 | JUN 10 | JUL 22 | AUG 12